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for Occupational Noise Exposure Monitoring

Cirrus Research believe in protecting people’s hearing: it’s why we do what we do. It’s this belief that led a team of expert engineers to design the doseBadge more than 20 years ago, to revolutionise the way in which noise exposure in the workplace is monitored, and to make it far simpler for employers to implement measures to protect the health and well-being of their workforce.

The doseBadge was and still is the only noise dosimeter without buttons or a display, meaning that its readings are more accurate than other instruments as the data it records can’t be tampered with. Comprising of a single compact unit, the doseBadge weighs in at a mere 0.051 kg (1.8oz) and is made from strong and robust materials, making it the perfect instrument to use to measure the personal noise exposure of workers and employees across all industries, in all types of locations.

Whether you’re a Health and Safety Officer who needs to measure the noise exposure of workers in a factory to ensure you’re compliant with the Noise At Work regulations, or you work in the entertainment industry and need to know what PPE to provide your stage crew with, the Cirrus doseBadge is a versatile and robust piece of equipment that’s capable of delivering the information you need in a simple but effective way.

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