Discover the Innovative doseBadge CR:110A Noise Dosimeter


Explore the doseBadge CR:110A, the Revolutionary Wireless Noise Dosimeter

Discover the world’s first wireless noise dosimeter, the doseBadge CR:110A, designed to measure personal noise exposure in various industries. Its innovative features make it user-friendly, ensuring workforce safety and reducing exposure to high occupational noise levels.

Efficient & Simple: A Noise Dosimeter without Cables, Displays, or Buttons

The doseBadge CR:110A’s intuitive design eliminates extensive training, making it accessible for professionals and easy to capture noise exposure data in the workplace.

Durable & Robust: Built for Tough Environments

With a robust metal casing, the doseBadge CR:110A withstands multiple uses in challenging conditions, providing consistent performance in noise exposure measurements for years.

Enhance Workplace Safety with the doseBadge CR:110A

Use the doseBadge CR:110A to effectively monitor noise exposure and protect your workforce from hearing damage. Its design, durability, and wireless technology make it the ultimate noise exposure solution.

Countries Available:


Suited Industries:


Unique Features:
  • The original doseBadge - more than 20 years of evolutionary success
  • Ideal for those who don’t need the additional features of the other doseBadge models
Why Choose this doseBadge?:
  • Simple yet durable design means your investment is an easy-to-operate long-term solution to your noise measuring needs
  • Easy to expand kit with the option of adding multiple doseBadges, enabling you to multiple employees’ exposure to noise, providing you with a wider range of data for more accurate results
  • No controls or displays, making the device tamperproof
  • Integrated internal microphone, meaning the most important component is always protected against damage
  • Comes with licence-free NoiseTools software that can create reports for you based on your data
  • 5-way charging dock available so you can make sure all your devices are always ready to deploy
  • Industry-specific attachments are available including shoulder clips, hard hat attachments, and pin attachments