doseBadge CR:110AL


The doseBadge CR:110AL is a personal noise dosimeter that measures occupational noise levels. Specifically designed to be worn by a single worker, the doseBadge is an innovative and unique dosimeter, capable of measuring personal noise exposure over an eight-hour period.

The absence of both a display and buttons mean that the unit can be smaller, making it easier to wear, and render the device tamperproof; the only way to access the recorded data is to download it onto a PC using the NoiseTools software, which comes as standard with all doseBadges. The doseBadge CR:110AL meets the standards in Australia and New Zealand by measuring the peak with Z frequency weighting, and with its strong and durable case, it’s the perfect piece of equipment to meet all your occupational noise measuring needs.

Australian data shows that 20% of people work in conditions where the recommended noise level of 85dB is exceeded, and 9.4% in areas where noise exceeds 90dB. Excessive exposure to loud noise can damage people’s hearing beyond repair, leading to life-changing conditions and in extreme cases cardiovascular disease. Ensuring that your workforce have the correct protective equipment to wear is essential in order to prevent them from developing noise-induced hearing loss.

Countries Available:

Australia / New Zealand

Suited Industries:


Unique Features:
  • Meets AUS/NZ standards by measuring sound level peak with a Z weighted Peak Levels
Why Choose this doseBadge?:
  • Robust design with aluminium case means your investment is a long-term solution to your noise measuring needs
  • Easy to expand kit with the option of adding more devices, enabling you to measure noise exposure for multiple employees, providing you with a bigger set of data for more accurate results
  • No cables, controls or displays, making it simple to use and eliminating the risk of tampering
  • Internal/integrated microphone protecting the most important part of the equipment, and removing the need for loose cables
  • Comes with NoiseTools software that can create reports for you based on your data
  • 5-way charging dock available so you can make sure all your devices are always ready to be deployed
  • Industry-specific attachments are available including shoulder clips, hard hat attachments, and pin attachments