doseBadge CR:112AIS


This version of the doseBadge is specifically designed to meet the American Mine Safety and Health Administration (MHSA) guidelines, and is also certified as Intrinsically Safe, making it safe for use in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres. Available only in the United States, this dosimeter is perfect for measuring personal noise exposure in mines, oil rigs and factories in the petrochemical industry.

Levels of noise in mine shafts and on oil rigs can be dangerously high. To ensure that your workforce is fully protected against noise-induced hearing loss, you need an instrument that can cope and withstand the harshest of environments, which makes the doseBadge CR:112AIS the perfect instrudoseBadge CR:112AISment for your noise measuring needs.

Countries Available:

United States

Suited Industries:

Any, but ideal for use in petrochemical industries, mining and confined spaces

Unique Features:
  • Designed specifically to comply with OSHA/MSHA measurement standards
Why Choose this doseBadge?:
  • Robust design with metal casing, meaning it can withstand the harshest of environments
  • Easy to expand kit with additional badges available, meaning you can measure the noise exposure of more than one person, generating even more accurate and reliable data
  • No cables, controls or displays, which reduces the risk of tampering
  • Integrated microphone, reducing the risk of damage
  • Includes NoiseTools software for downloading, analysing and storing data
  • 5-way charging dock available
  • Simple to use, making your job of protecting people‚Äôs hearing even easier
  • Different attachment options for specific industries and applications, including shoulder clips, hard hat attachments, and pin attachments