doseBadge5 CR:120A


The doseBadge5 CR:120A is Cirrus’ latest version of the revolutionary doseBadge and has taken personal noise exposure measuring to a whole new level.

With an array of new features, this noise dosimeter is perfect for use in many different environments across a range of industries. From measuring the noise exposure of one employee to an entire workforce, the option to add more doseBadges to your kit means that you can measure multiple people, in multiple areas of your business to achieve a more accurate picture of your needs and obligations.

The new doseBadge5 also comes complete with octave band analysis, which in conjunction with our free NoiseTools software, can help you to select the most appropriate hearing protection more accurately than ever before.

Noise-induced hearing loss is a major issue in many of the world’s workplaces, and can lead to conditions such as tinnitus and complete deafness, as well as cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Never before has the importance of measuring occupational noise been more prominent and if you’re completely new to the world of noise measurement, the doseBage5 is the perfect piece of equipment to get you started as its simple to use, and our in-house support team are always on hand to answer or questions or queries you may have.

Countries Available:


Suited Industries:


Unique Features:
  • New design to enhance functionality compared to other doseBadge models
  • Ability to measure 1:1 octave band frequency data, which provides a more in-depth analysis for selecting the most appropriate hearing protection
Why Choose this doseBadge?:
  • Bluetooth communication allows you to connect to the app on a compatible device in order to get screenshots of the data you’ve recorded throughout
  • Control the dosimeters and set timers for recording using the iOS/Android app
  • Simple yet durable design means your investment is an easy-to-operate long-term solution to your noise measuring needs
  • Easy to expand kit with the option of adding multiple doseBadges, enabling you to multiple employees’ exposure to noise, providing you with a wider range of data for more accurate results
  • No controls or displays, making the device tamperproof
  • Impact sensor can detect taps and knocks, further reducing the risk of tampering
  • Internal microphone, meaning the most important component is always protected against damage
  • Comes with NoiseTools software that can create reports for you based on your data
  • 5-way charging and with USB data download available, so you can make sure all your devices are always ready to be deployed